August 16, 2011

Recent changes

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So I’ve been pretty busy the past few months. Here are some updates:

-I started taking swing dancing classes at Dance Manhattan. At first I was just doing some dabbling but it’s stuck and now dancing is one of my new favorite things. So much so that I’m going to do some traveling to other cities next year (for dancing) and go to dance camp. Yes, dance camp.  I started off taking East Coast Swing classes, but I’ve advanced over the past few months and now I’m working on Lindy Hop, Charleston , and Jazz moves as well. I really like the Charleston and the many variations of it. Aside from that, I’ve dabbled a little bit in Balboa and next month I’m taking a Collegiate Shag class. I think for the remainder of the year I’m going to focus mostly on Lindy Hop and Charleston and try to “catch up”.

-I moved from Williamsburg to my own place in Greenpoint. I love my neighborhood and I’m pumped about living alone and having a place to myself.  I’m currently working on decorating and making the place my own, which I’ve never really had the opportunity to do in the past. I’m trying to balance being tasteful with being lazy, hopefully it works out.

Bedford & Grove is still in the works. We’re hoping to start pursuing it more aggressively next month, once our new website is finished and we start going to buyers to get our stuff in stores.

-I bought a new bike. It’s a Linus. Here it is in Mcgolrick Park in Greenpoint:



October 15, 2010

My Ukulele

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August 20, 2009

Randgrid – electronic music studio for the iPhone

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Thanks to the iPhone I’ve been producing a lot of music that hopefully I will turn into complete recordings soon. Right now my favorite program to use on the iPhone is Randgrid. Randgrid is a great sequencing app with with a few different drumsets and two synthesizers. Right now I’m pretty much using Randgrid exclusively for any sort of music production. It’s amazing to work out ideas on and the two synthesizers are perfect for the type of music I’ve been working on lately. The video below shows what Randgrid can do in terms of sequencing/synthesis. Hopefully soon I’ll be posting some of my own projects in Randgrid.

July 20, 2009

Bebot – Amazing synth for the iPhone

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Lately I’ve been telling people about the huge potential of the iPhone as a musical instrument. I’ve been going through numerous music apps in Apple’s App store, playing around with different programs trying to find something that is actually usable as an instrument. Surprisingly, the cutest app ended up being the most amazing. Bebot by Normalware is an amazing sounding and completely playable synth on the iPhone. It’s hard to believe a program like this exists in the App store, as most of the other apps I’ve tried out have very limited use in actual music applications. I highly recommend checking this one out. At the very least you get a touchscreen theremin.

The below video shows Bebot in detail, but if you want to get straight to the point and see it used as an actual instrument, go to 8:45.