August 13, 2009

Bat for Lashes at Webster Hall, August 12th

Posted in Uncategorized tagged at 3:32 pm by Brown Boots

Last night I saw Bat for Lashes at Webster Hall. It was amazing. Natasha Khan is an amazing performer and artist and her music is beautiful. I highly recommend her album Two Suns, it’s my favorite album of 2009 so far.



  1. geoff said,

    This was a fun show indeed. I thought the set featured a few too many sleepies (Sad Eyes) but overall was a good balance of Fur and Gold and Two Suns. What did you think of Other Lives?

  2. Brown Boots said,

    Other Lives was good. I’m not too familiar with them, I definitely need to check out their album now though.

  3. Log Lady said,

    wish i coulda went! i agree w/ you about how great two suns is too… i think shes going to end up being in the same class as performers like bjork and kate bush…although i never really got into kate bush

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